The KPD, a group also known as the Spartacists, were anti-republican Germans who sought to overthrow the Weimar Republic, and establish a Marxist state.¹ They rejected the ideas from the Weimar Constitution, and created a great disturbance in Germany in the early years of the Weimar Republic. Looking back, it is believed that the KPD posed less of a threat that was believed by much of the public.² Despite this, the Spartacists were succesful in establishing a soviet state in Bavaria in 1919, although it was later destroyed by the Friekorps

The highest point for the Spartacists was their "German October," when their was a wave of strikes led by the KPD, who created a goverment, although it was overthrown by the army soon after.⁴ After several years the extreme left wing opposition to the Weimar Republic completely failed, due to not getting enough support, and the rise of extreme right-wing parties, such as the Nazis.

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