Effects of the Global Economic Downturn on Weimar Germany:

  • Slump in world trade (exports value fell by 55%)
  • Mass unemployment (5.6 million plus registered unemployed)
  • Industrial production declined (50,000 businesses bankrupted)
  • Wages and incomes sharply decreased
  • Many farms sold off
  • Five major banks collapsed
  • Widespread fear
  • Poor health
  • Crime increased
  • Class awareness, polarization of classes
  • Unemployment rose
  • Nazis became second largest political party in Germany
  • Nationalist, middle-class democratic, and left-wing parties all decline
  • 6.4% increased voter turnout (people have nothing else to do, might as well vote)
  • Bolsheviks also got increase in votes

Differences in Britain/USA government and Weimar Republic:

Britain and USA:
  • Over 100 years of service
  • Roughly 1500 years old (Great Britain)
  • Less than ten years
  • 2 crisis in that period
  • Very disorganized and unpopular from start