Amal Movment

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Orign of the Group

The Amal movement was initiated in 1974 by Hussein el-Husseini to try and reform the Lebenese government.The parties ideas for political and economic issues were closly tied to traditonal ideals of the previous Lebenense governemnt. The Shi'a were tyring to create equality throughout the Lebanese population. After the formation of the group the spokes person for Amal Husayn Al-Musawi disagreed with Nabih Berri over having the assistance of the United States with the war in Lebanon. After this argument the group split and the creation of Hezbollah.

The Hezbollah emerged from the Amal group . After Nabih Berri was in control of the Amal others believed he was taking control of the original members of the group and believed he seperation of the group was in order. The Hezbollah group believed that the United States and the French should be removed from the problems in Lebanon and should leave the problems to be dealt by with group within the Middle East. Although the Amal gorup has the same religous beliefs with the Amal group, Amal believes that the conflicts can be solved with help from other countries. The Hezbollah also believed the government of the future should be decided from the son's of the leaders. The jobs of the leaders are to protect their beliefs of government and make sure the future is bright for young Hezbollah men. The last objective of the Hezbollah group was to make sure the Christains and the Muslims keep a just government and make sure there is equality throughout Lebanon.

Groups Involvment in Lebanon

The Amal group first saw involvment in the Lebanese Civil War when they fought to gain control in the "Camps of War" where they fought against the PLO and Hezbollah.Later in 1985 the Amal group goes to Damascus to fight against the Druze and the Lebanese forces. After battles in Lebanon they proved themselves in the war and were able to gain support and men throughout the rest of the war.Later in the war the Amal gained tensions with Hezbollah and began having voilent conflicts leaving the groups to have conflicts after the war. Although arguments after the war grew with their rival group they still had ties with Syria. Amal believed that Syria had good intentions and with their aid, Amal was able to keep their group orginized. Since the group was able to stay together they are now apart of the Lebanon goverment and have 11 seats in their parliment.


The Hezbollah group was the first group in the Labanese Civil war to use suicides and assasination as a main form of military action. They first used this style of fighting against Isreal and other groups outside of Lebanon. The main objective of the Hezbollah was to fight the Amal for the Shi'a areas around Lebanon and gain control of those areas. Although both Amal and Hezbollah were under control by Syria, Syria made Hezbollad the controller of the Shiite areas and made them agree they would have to share them with Isreal.

Main Conflict

The main conflict between the Amal and Hezbollah were the interpreation of the Islamic religion. The difference in interpitation was about the political stance on issues throughout the groups. The Amal believed they could ask for help from other countries, while the Hezbollah believed they should go to the higher source of the Islamic religion and make their desicion based on the higher sources beliefs. Since the breaking up of the group they fouhgt for territories of the Shiite rule. Although they had different beliefs they agreed on social and economic issues. After the war they still had conflicts, but they were still controlled by Sryia leaving both groups with little power throughout the Lebanon parliment.

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