The Democratic Republic of the International Baccalaureate (DRIB)

Responding to overwhelming popular demand, the Democratic Republic of the International Baccalaureate (DRIB) has been established. Rest assured that the power vested in The Sovereign Carl will be put to the best use to combat the enemies of the DRIB, and to create a new world era based off of IB beliefs!

Democratic Republic of the International Baccalaureate (DRIB)

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Coat of arms

Ego Regulare Null
(Latin for "I rule nothing")
Don't Stop Believin'
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Period 6
English, German, Pig Latin, Swahili
Republic, de facto personal dictatorship
The Sovereign
- 2010–2999
Adam Joseph Carl
Historical era
- Coup d'etat
28 April

.05 km2
- 2010 est.
Est. 60
Dollar from 2010-2980
Lira from 2981-3012

Calling code

The Organizational Structure of the DRIB

The Sovereign: Adam Carl

The Sovereign is considered the head of the legislative branch of the DRIB, while also an independent Judiciary entity. Despite many claims that The Sovereign is a position of immense power, it can really only control certain aspects of DRIB citizens' lives.

Prime Instructor of the Youths (PIY): Mr. Griffin
As the title implies, the Prime Instructor of the Youths is in charge of party indoctrination. The primary ways of instituting this form of information (not propaganda) is by teaching students historical lessons through the IB History interpretation.

Prime Minister of Awesome (PMA): Christian Nguyen
This position has also been known to be considered the head of the secret police. No one knows for certain, because no one has come back with a report yet.

Chancellor: Alex Cook
The Chancellor is responsible to The Sovereign (as is everyone else), but he is also the head of the executive branch. He may address the People, and he is accepted as the voice of The Sovereign.

The Baccalaureate
This is a Cabinet style organization that directly advises both The Sovereign and the Chancellor. However, no two Baccalaureates may talk to the Chancellor at the same time without The Sovereign present.

Prime Arbiter
Responsible to The Sovereign's divine ruling of course, the Prime Arbiter makes convictions based on arrests made by the Department of Awesome. These judgments can be make via interview, teleconferences, web chat, e-mail, podcast, or smoke signals.

Secretary of All Things Inappropriate: Julia Schechter
This position is responsible for cruel and unusual punishment under the Prime Minister of Awesome. Guidelines here are a little fuzzy.

Jester/Rat Catcher: Jeff Chester
Those who require this provision of government to be explained must be immediately deported to preserve the sanctity of the IB History doctrine and the average IB test score.

Director of Magical Creatures: Will Fulwider
Though the official DRIB government tries to keep tight wraps on the inner workings of this department, there have been reports of magical creatures. These reports may have been the effect of the Secretary of All Things Inappropriate's handiwork.

Chief Intelligence Acquisitioner (CIA): Sarah Dick

The People's Quorum
There shall be one Quorum per period of IB History, and it shall consist of no more than five persons. Six is unreasonable. Seven is right out. Four shall not be the number of persons, unless it is at the exclusion of one of the members, who may be counted later as a person. No person shall be considered two persons, unless said person indeed be two different persons, heretofore unmentioned. The Baccalaureate shall meet with each of the People's Quorums to identify concerns of the citizens of the DRIB.

"Journalist": Donovan Valtz
The Journalist is responsible for distributing pamphlets and videos sponsored by The Sovereign, in order to inform the people.

The Powers Vested in The Sovereign

Official list to be documented here.

The Powers Vested in the Baccalaureate

The legislative body's powers will be outlined here.

Notable Laws Enacted

SmartBoard Requisition Act of April 28th
  • In an early attempt to show his dictatorial competency, The Sovereign Carl, newly appointed, promised to not allow the Foreign Language and Mathematics Departments to overrun the fledgling Democratic Republic.
  • This move is widely supported by many in all three class periods of IB History Year 2, and the act underscores The Sovereign Carl's mistrust of both Foreign Language and Mathematics, as well as the policies of the past History Department heads.

The Educational Decree of April 29th
  • Records from an old dig site have discovered that The Sovereign Carl was reported to have made an appearance in 7th period, giving an impromptu speech. The meaning can be easily determined by the transcript of the speech, found below:
    • "Learn!"

PIZZA Act of April 29th
  • This was a brief decree in which The Sovereign Carl issued five statements.
    • Pizza shall be brought to the DRIB before the end of the academic year, though not before the IB testing dates.
    • I shall be the one and only Sovereign of the DRIB
    • Zoos are to be denounced by all members of the DRIB as a Communist threat.
    • Zephyrs shall be allowed into the classroom by opening the windows, fair weather permitting.
    • Act accordingly with these five principles to become a Sovereign Party member.

Single Party State Leader Characteristics

Personal Qualities
  • Physical Characteristics
    • With dashing good looks and boyish charm, The Sovereign Carl was a natural choice.

  • Intelligence
    • Though dimwitted, The Sovereign Carl has been known to miraculously receive As in certain classes.
  • Personal Skills and Qualities
    • One negative quality about The Sovereign Carl that seemed to pull him down in popularity was his overuse of ":P"s instead of normal smiley faces when texting, internet chatting, or while using Morse code.
  • Ability to Recruit
  • Personal History
    • The Sovereign Carl indicated several times before taking power that he wanted to become a history professor. This gave him credibility to those Baccalaureate students who truly wanted to work hard.
    • When enacting such legislation as the SmartBoard Requisition Act, the Baccalaureate could trust that The Sovereign Carl was staunchly anti-Math because he dropped the IB Mathematics class in favor of another study hall.
  • Motivation
    • It should be widely known by now that Adam Carl was an ego-maniac even before the DRIB was established.
    • The Sovereign Carl's U2-ism also inspired his dream for owning a dictatorship, so that he could impose their music onto others.
Broad Ideology
  • Anti-Math sentiments resounded in The Sovereign Carl's speeches, creating a sort of scapegoat for the Baccalaureate's homework troubles.
  • Adam Carl was also heavily influenced by U2-ism at an early age.
Political Platform and Policies
Strategies Used to Take Power

History of the DRIB

Causes for the April Coup
  • Long Term
    • Political
      • Tensions had been rising between Mr. Griffin and Adam Carl after the first semester exam question.
      • Mr. Griffin and Mr. Hinze had taught Adam the various ways dictators gained and stayed in power, but did so with brutal teaching tactics.
      • The Upper Arlington seniors were already becoming disenfranchised with the Griffin regime, as they were succumbing to a new national epidemic of Senioritis ever since the end of the first semester.
    • Social
      • The advent of the Blackberry and iPhone revolution was upon the IB History classes, which enabled those involved in the coup to bloodlessly and swiftly broadcast revolutionary ideals.
      • The pressure from the Griffin regime on the other three classes to produce a "favorite class" essentially backfired, causing occasional open protests during classes by all three periods. This can be seen to play right into the Carl regime's hands when he promised a favorite class status to all involved in the coup, but a shameful status equal to that of the Freshmans for those who did not participate.
    • Economic
      • The grade inflation from the days of the Hinze regime had been slowly fading through the Griffin regime. This causes several students to end up with either Bs or A-s, which led to a year long lack of free cookies from Sheryl's Cookies on Lane Avenue.
  • Short Term
    • Political
      • In the weeks before the coup, students noticed Mr. Griffin and Adam Carl discussing various teaching methods. They did appear to get along, and it may have been a series of diplomatic discussions to preserve the Griffin regime even after the coup. This evidence would explain the new position of Prime Instructor of the Youths, created by The Sovereign Carl in the DRIB.
      • The exiled Hinze regime, banished to teaching Juniors after the Griffin regime's overthrow, is rumored to have met with both The Sovereign Carl and former United States Senator John Glenn the week before the coup. The details of the meeting, if it ever happened, have yet to be revealed.
    • Social
      • UA Seniors had already committed to a college by the time of the April Coup, increasing the intensity of the Senioritis. This made loyal ties to the Griffin regime difficult to maintain during the entire month of April.
      • Already mentioned above, The Sovereign Carl used the classwide discontent with the favorite class to issue a threat to all of his opponents. This, coupled with the cellular phone network made the supporters of the Carl regime seem overwhelming, which silenced those who would have fought to keep Mr. Griffin in power.
    • Economic
      • The grade deflation crisis came to a head during the last week of April, which The Sovereign Carl took advantage of. Historians debate to this day on whether the perceived threat from the Single Party State Leaders presentations would have actually contributed to the grade deflation, or if the Senioritis played more of a role than is normally attributed to grade deflation.

Consolidation of Power
  • Early Opposition
    • There were several political enthusiasts who jumped at the chance to fill the void with the end of the Griffin Regime. Such opposition followed several different leaders, such as Trudy Wu, Jeffrey Chester, and Carlin Guthrie.
      • Trudy Wu was slow to gain political support in Period 6, as Adam Carl's campaign began the moment the Griffin Regime seemed to be crumbling. The added confusion of the Griffin Regime's oppression by the use of a nickname ("Trudith") made communications within her party hard to decipher, as some members were unclear about their leader's true name.
      • Rallying around Democratic ideals, Jeff Chester attempted to lead a rag tag group through a coup shortly after Period 7's nearly unanimous appointment of Adam Carl as their party leader. This was stopped early by the newly appointed Prime Minister of Awesome's Secretary, and her interrogation techniques. Support for the Jeffrey coup was taken out from underneath by the persistent raids by The Sovereign Party.
  • The Guthrie Uprising
    • Though some historians claim this was a Civil War, the violence was not widespread enough to warrant mass acceptance of this term.