Causes of the 1967 War

  1. Historiography: Blame Game
    1. All parties are equally to blame (especially Israel and Egypt).
    2. Israel can easily be blamed because they attacked first. (Although, it is important to note that they were significantly provoked).
    3. Egypt can also be blamed largely because of Nasser's actions.
    4. The Cold War can also be to blame. The Soviets fed the Syrians bad intelligence about Israel's military who then passed it on to Nasser. This prompted Nasser to become drastic with his plans. The United States was obviously also involved in the war.
  2. Long term causes
    1. Nasser saw himself as the great victor of the Suez Crisis and thinks he can take out Israel.
    2. Cycle of raids sponsored by Syria, Egypt and Palestinians at Israel. This resulted in Israel attacking back with even more strenght (Ben Gurionism)
    3. Syria gets new government that is Bathist (secular government that is Pan Arab, not Pan Islam)
    4. Hostile rhetoric. Nasser's speeches were loaded with hostile rhetoric and the same goes for the Israeli's
  3. Short term causes
    1. Treaty with Syria, Egypt and Jordan was a big red sign (bad) for the Israeli's
    2. U.N. has peacekeeping troops to keep Straits of Tehran (see above picture) open for Israeli shipping. They were removed by Nasser.