Year 1 Vocabulary Set 2
Alex Whitcomb

Parliamentary Democracy (1)
-Government structure in place prior to fascist take over. The people vote on a group, which represents them in a Parliamentary. Then Parliament chooses an executive leader, prime minister.

Fascism (5 Tenets) (2)
1- State is more important than the individuals
2- No unalienable rights
3- Expansionism (militarism)
4- Dictatorship (majority is stupid)
5- Glorification is the goal of all decisions

Mussolini (Why and how he came to power) (3)
-Took over Italy
-Admired by Hitler, then became his puppy
-Leader of the Fascist group

Corporate State (4)
-Job determines how you are represented (your identity)
(i.e) Agriculture, Industry, Government workers, Professional/artists, shopkeeper

-The Italian peoples party or Christian democrat party. One of the largest political parties in Italy at the time

Anti-System Parties (5)
-Political parties that wish to change or destroy the current system
(i.e.) Fascist party

Singularization (6)
-Making a general assumption about a group of people
(i.e.) All Germans hate Jews.


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