The Threats to Weimar Packet Notes:

· Threat from extreme left
o KPD rejected, wanted revolution to proceed on Marxist lines
o Extreme left committed to a very different version of German politics and society
o Moderate left was one of the pillars of Weimar democracy
o KPD- continuous revolutionary disturbances gave impression Germany was facing
o Bolshevik inspired “Red Threat”
o Left posed less of a threat, never likely to seize political power
Why left never seize power:
o Incapable of unified attack on Weimar
o Poor leadership
o Concession
o Repression by authorities

· Threat from extreme right
o DNVP (Nationalist)
o Freikorps – 200 paramilitary units
o “White Terror” contrast to Red

· Extreme Right Uprising
o Encouraged 12,000 troops to march on Berlin and seize building
o Didn’t provide any resistance

· Aftermath of Putsch
o Weakness of Weimar Republic
o Government failed to confront problem
o A state within a state

· Munich Beer Hall Putsch
o Crucial part of rise of Hitler and Nazi’s
o November 8 Hitler and Nazis stormed into and took control of rally
o Next day, failed attempt to take Munich

· Weimar Democracy: Republic without Republicans
o Combined support for main democratic parties declines
o Support for extreme left and right increase

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