On June 30, 1934, the SS carried out orders made by Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Goring, and Joseph Goebbels to purge the SA. By doing so Hitler eliminated the SA completely, as a political and military force, and gained the support of the regular army. It is estimated that 200 people were killed, of these included Ersnt Rohm, former chancellor Schleicher, and Strasser, the leader of the radical socialist wing of the Nazi Party. The main reasons behind the Night of the Long Knives was that Hitler wanted an oath of allegiance from the German Army, who viewed Rohm as a major threat, and also because Himmler convinced Hitler that Rohm would try to take over the army. This along with the knowledge that the army would be essential to any conquests, Hitler ordered the extermination of any threats to the Nazi party. Along with end of the SA's importance, the other key outcome of the event was that SS became the new force that Hitler could control the country with.

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