The Locarno Pact was an international security pact between England, France, Germany, USA, and few eastern european nations. Stresemann feared an alliance between England and France. The pact was backed by England and USA who brought France into the agreement.

Main Points:
~a mutual guarantee agreement accepted the Franco- German and Beligian-German borders. These terms were guaranteed by Britain and Italy.
~the demilitarisation* of the Rhineland was recognised as permanent
~ the arbitration treaties** between Germany, Poland, and Czechoslovakia agreed to settle future disputes peacefully.

This treaty represented an important diplomatic development because Germany was freed from isolation by the Allies and was once again treated as an equal partner. Stresemann had achieved a great deal at Lacarno with little cost. He had confirmed the existing borders in the west and had also limited France's freedom of action since the occupation of the Ruhr or the annexation of the Rhineland was no longer possible.

  • the removal of military personnel, weaponry, or forts.
    • an agreement to accept the decision by a third party to settle a conflict.

(all information was obtained from Weimar: The Years of Stability 1924-9)