Palestine Mandate Questions

For the prompt below to which you were assigned, please complete a thorough outline. The outline is due electronically at the end of class on Friday. You have time to work as a group in the MultiMedia Lab on both Thursday and Friday.

1. Analyze the impact on the Palestine Mandate of Jewish immigration and land purchases between 1919 and 1939.
Amanda B., Kathy C., Leah J., Alice O.
2. Identify and comment on the causes of instability in Palestine in the years 1919 – 1939.
Megan S., Evin H., Allison D.
3. To what extent did British policies increase existing tensions between Arabs and Jews in Palestine in the years 1920 – 1939?
Ruthie B., Caroline G., Christian M., Jonathan S.
4. Immigration and land purchase were the main causes of tension between Jews and Arabs in Palestine in the inter-war years. To what extent do you agree with this statement?
Katie G., Adam C., Christian N.
5. In what ways, and to what extent, was Zionism responsible for tensions in the Palestine Mandate up to 1939?
Carlin G., Nathan M., Jane W. and Sarah D.

11/20/09 Note: The winners have been selected and their work is attached. The competition was fierce and the decisions difficult, and students from all three classes performed admirably (namely the 4th period group of Benedick, Laws, Fulwider, and Sankey). But, as the old saying goes: One day you are in, and the next you are out. Auf wiedersehen.