The First Intifada was a Palestinian resistance movement from roughly 1987-1993. This conflict occurred between the Israeli's and the Palestinians in both mainland Israel and the occupied territories.

Famous for its violence, the Intifada also incorporated other tactics. The Palestinians arranged mass civil disobedience and protests, riots, and boycotts of Israeli goods. The Israeli's, in return, arrested Palestinians en mass, seized property, and tried disrupted protests immediately. However, international media focused mainly on the violence.
Palestinian Youth throwing a rock at an Israeli tank
Palestinian Youth throwing a rock at an Israeli tank

Despite being perhaps the most important event for the Palestinians in centuries, the PLO was not involved. This was a very damaging fact for the PLO, despite the best efforts from Arafat his organization's involvement.

Despite lasting for six years, the Intifada failed to achieve the Palestinians main goal, the implementation of a two-state solution. The Israeli's were unwilling to give up a single piece of land.

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