Giovanni Giolitti was born on October 22, 1842, in Mondovi, Italy. Giolitti graduated from law school at the University of Turin in 1860. From there he spent the next 20 years in civil service where he gained experience in finance and as an administrator.

In February of 1886 Giovanni Giolitti criticized Agostino Magliani, the minister of finance. This is where Giolitti first came into public attention. Then in March of 1989 Giolitti became the minister of treasury.
Giovanni Giolitti
Giovanni Giolitti

In May of 1892 Giolitti was elected Prime Minister of Italy. But because of a bank scandal that he was enveloped in, he was attacked by the public then in November 1983 he resigned as Prime Minister. His successor, Francesco Crispi, was also attacked because of the bank scandal.
After Giolitti resigned as Prime Minister, he cleared himself from the scandal and also gave evidence that Crispi was apart of it.

In 1903 Giovanni Giolitti became Prime Minister of Italy again, and would hold that position three more times. Giolitti set out to rebuild Italy after Crispi was Prime Minister. He improved working conditions and created greater suffrage. However, the country was still plagued with political corruption and poverty, which were very much still common. On top of that, the country was never fully united. Giolitti wanted the government to be a presence, yet avoid labor disputes.

Giolitti was opposed to the idea of Italy entering World War 1 and after the war he worked to reconstruct the country. He did not fight the Fascists and rather than stopping them with his forces, he actually welcomed their support. Giolitti resigned in 1921, but it wasn't until 1924 that he withdrew his support from the Fascists.

The term "Giolittism" is associated with using power to corrupt the election system and maintaining that power.

Giovanni Giolitti died on July 17, 1928.(1) (2) (3) (4)

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