From Beirut to Jerusalem
1. Prelude: From Minneapolis to Beirut

2. Would you like to Eat Now or Wait for the Cease-fire?
3. Beirut: City of Versions
4. Hama Rules
5. The Teflon Guerrilla
6. Inside the Kaleidoscope: The Israeli Invasion of Lebanon
7. Poker, Beirut Style
8. Betty Crocker in Dante’s Inferno
9. The End of Something
10. Time To Go

11. Crosswinds
12. Whose Country Is This, Anyway
13. The Fault Line
14. The Earthquake
15. Under the Spotlight
16. Israel and the American Jews: Who is Dreaming about Whom?

17. From Beirut to Jerusalem to Washington
18. Talking with My Grocer
19. Buying a Ticket