Spanish Civil War Generals: Franco and Primo

General Francisco Franco: a former military officer and governor of the Canary Islands (he was dismissed in March 1936). He became a leader of the Nationalist effort during the war. The Nationalist victory can be partly attributed to his military experience and leadership. When the Nationalists triumphed, he became the dictator of Spain. Although he wasn't truly Fascist (he had more of a "conservative fascist" ideology), he had called himself a Fascist in order to gain the support of Germany and Italy.
General Francisco Franco before the Spanish Civil War

General Miguel Primo de Rivera: Seized the Spanish government in September 1923. He had the approval of the King. He used force to take control of Barcelona and introduced martial law. In December 1925, the dictatorship ended, but Primo stayed in power as the Prime Minister. His regime had many successes, including securing peace in North Africa and improvements in industrial relations. However, there was still much opposition to his rule. Primo resigned in January 1930 and died in March.