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Ernst Rohm was born on Nevember 28, 1887 in Munich Germany. He was a member of the storm troops, or the Sturmabteilung. Eventually Rohm was murdered by the order by Fuhrer due to the fact he was seen as a rival to Hitler.

Rohm was an active participant in WWI he was wounded three time, and was a Major. He helped find the Nazi party, and helped Hitler gain support from Bavaria. Rohm was Hitler’s private strong-arm force, in 1921 became the Sturmabteilung.

Rohm was very controversial person in Germany, he was openly homosexual and a heavy drinker. Despite being homosexual, he was still Hitler’s closet friend in the years of 1919-1934. Rohm introduced Hitler to the Nazi Party in 1919, formed the SA in 1921 and participated in the Beer Hall Putsch. After the Putsch he left Germany for Bolivia until he returned at Hitler's request and became the leader of the SA. Rohm wanted to create a 'people's army' by merging the German Army and the SA. This is the main reason why Hitler ordered his death in the Night of the Long Knives in June 1934.

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