To remove military equipment plus personnel from a specific area or region. Demilitarization was used in the Treaty of Versailles, as the Rhineland was demilitarized from the French frontier to a line 32 miles east of the Rhine. Germany's army was also reduced to 100,000, as also tanks and big guns were prohibited. However the Rhineland remained a part of Germany (class notes).
Rhineland includes parts of Germany west of the Rhine river (yellow)

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tr.v. de·mil·i·ta·rized, de·mil·i·ta·riz·ing, de·mil·i·ta·riz·es
To remove or forbid military troops in (an area): demilitarize a buffer zone between hostile countries.
de·mil'i·ta·ri·za'tion (-tər-ĭ-zā'shən) n.

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