Eston Wirsing-Ruler of the world
John Lowrey
ref: James Laws
edited: Megan Schmeisser

BEWARE OF CROSSWINDS - the Hebrew Highway Sign warns passer-by drivers...
Friedman laughs as he passes the sign:
"I am leaving a country [Lebanon, Beirut] where people are dying like flies and coming to a place where they warn you about the wind! Now, that's a real country." He begins to question the strikingly similar attributes between the two countries, Jerusalem and Lebanon, fought over political versus physical dominance respectively" (Friedman __).

Beirut, Lebanon - No established government, people fight in total war spilling bullets left and right, dropping men " flies"
Jerusalem - A little more reserved, throwing out political ideologies into the wind, and factions clash as the differences are illuminated through a minute action or disagreements; i.e. - 6-Day War?!

6-Day War: Israel takes a preemptive strike on Egypt becuase Egypt amassed a large army in the Sinai Peninsula. Israel begged Jordan not to enter the war. However, Jordan entered the war believe that they would be able to destroy Israel.

Israeli's pose the questions:
What kind on nation do we want to be in the near or not so distant future?
Option 1: Keep Israel including West Bank and Gaza strip, but curtail Israeli democracy. The only way Israeli could control Palestinians inhabitants of WB and GS is by physically suppressing them, therefore ensuring exploitation of political rights.
Option 2: Annex WB and GS and remain a Democracy. Compromising the Jewsih character of the state, becasue Palenstinians realtively larger population would outnumber the Jews at the polls.
Option 3: Isreal remains a Jewish state and Democratic but would have to give uop the WB and GS, in order to ensure a Jewish majority.
So, Does Israel want to be...
1. A nation of Jews living in the land of Israel, but not Democratic?
2. A Democratic nation in all the land of Israel, but not Jewish?
3. A Jewish and Democratic nation, but not in all the land of Israel?

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