The Camp David Accords was an agreement signed by Egyptian President, Anwar Sadat, and Israeli Prime Minister, Menachem Begin in September of 1978 (World History: The Modern Era). The two world leaders met in the United States at Camp David, Maryland, where their negotiation was facilitated by American President Jimmy Carter. The discussions were carried on by Carter, at points Begin and Sadat refused to be in the same room, so Carter was forced to hold a series of one-on-one talks with each leader, and then report to the other leader.

Sadat and Begin were reluctant at first to make any concessions to one another, but after twelve days of arguments, a mutual agreement was signed ensuring that both countries would cooperatively work to reach peace in the Middle East (World History: The Modern Era). Sadat and Begin came to the logical, joint conclusion that peace could not be a one-sided deal, and that both the Egyptians and the Israelis would have to work toward a tranquil state. The terms of the agreement followed in this vein, with both sides conceding points to the other, though some of the concessions were more material than others.
The Accords were divided into three main sections:

The West Bank and Gaza:

In this section of the Accords, Sadat essentially negotiated on behalf of the Palestinian people. Sadat, Begin and Carter agreed to hold a meeting between the major players in the Palestinian question (Egypt, Israel, and Jordan), in order to find a mutually beneficial solution to the problem. Egypt, Jordan and Israel would define a method by which the Palestinians could create their own, self-sufficient government, etc. (IMFA)


Here, future relations between Egypt and Israel were examined, with both sides making promises that would yield positive results for the other. However, Jerusalem was left out of the discussion.

Even though peace in the Middle East has not yet been established, the Camp David Accords was a major step for Israel, Egypt, and the Middle East.

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Egyptian President Anwar Sadat (Left), President Jimmy Carter (Middle), and the Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin after they signed the Camp David Accords

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