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The Bromance between Mr. David Griffin and Mr. Michael Hinze is one of epic proportions, undying affection, perhaps some unrequited love and mutual adoration for Kim Jung Il.
Today, 9 October 2009 at 1:58 pm the couple was spotted poring over David's laptop discussing matters of "The Wiki" and "The Moodle." They whispered sweet nothings and exchanged meaningful, prolonged glances. The parting was bittersweet. Michael subtly mentioned that he would be running on the UAHS track Tuesdays and Thursday during the lunch hour, which they share, in his short, short-short, short short, running shorts. A smirk from David revealed the upcoming rendezvous.

But what is this? Yesterday at approximately 2:50 p.m. Mr. Hinze (Michael) was saying how Mr. Griffin (David) had no life by updating the wiki at 5:31 a.m. IS their bromance on the rocks, or are the two going through a tough time?

Reports can neither be confirmed or denied that a student who wishes to remain anonymous caught sight of Mr. Griffin's laptop as he was closing down for the day. This student claims to have seen a photograph of the two IB History buffs attending a sporting event. This report seems to indicate that Mr. Griffin and Mr. Hinze are again on good terms. More will follow as more reliable information becomes available.

Speculations have arisen upon the couple's Halloween festivities. David has expressed his life-long desire and burning passion to dress up as Peter Pan for Halloween (And later expressed that he had changed his Halloween plans and has decided to dress as Mr. Hinze for Trick or Treating. They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.). He truly is a boy at heart. Hinze has been spotted looking up Tinker Bell designs on Wikipedia in order to sew his own costume this year. Could this mean the dynamic duo will be spending this magical holiday together this weekend?

Today in class Mr. Griffin called Mr. Hinze over to inform him of his interest in dressing as Mr. Hinze for Trick or Treating. Upon telling him this Mr. Griffin inquired on Mr. Hinze's casual-wear, to this Mr. Hinze responded, Jean Shorts (Jorts), a tuxedo top, no pants, and long lederhosen-like socks. After this passing Mr. Hinze seemed disappointed that that was the only thing Mr. Griffin called Mr. Hinze over for. As he slowly walked back to his office, one was left wondering whether this roller coaster of a Bromance was back on the rocks.

12 November 2009 at approximately 1:56 in the Cliff Lab - while his students were working diligently on outlines pertaining to the post-WWI mandate system in the middle east, David recieved a personal visit from Mr. Wagner. David had been embarking on short jaunts over by the WIW area - peacocking and obviously flirting by way of hip shaking and making googely eyes at said English teacher. Finally, David's efforts paid off and Mr. Wagner strutted over to the Cliff Lab and leaned over David's shoulder. Quietly talking to themselves, Mr. Wagner commanded a student to withold her pertinent question regarding the nature of David's assignment. It was discovered that David and Damien were searching for other famous people born on May 19th. Surprisingly, or rather not so surprisingly, Damien and David share the same birthday! As Damien was returning to his mancave in the WIW area, he asked aloud who was better looking? Is Damien Wagner going after David? Should Michael be concerned? If you ask me, there were definite sparks between the two men -- a telling indication of a brewing passionate bromance