The American Jewish Lobby Israel

The American Jewish lobby was also known as the Israel Lobby.
Three major components to the Jewish lobby:
1. The American Israel Public AFfairs Committee (AIPAC)
2. The Conference of PResidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
3. A network of Zionist groups.
The goal of the Lobby is "to strengthen the relationship between the United States and Israel" (Bickerton and Klausner). "In addition to the normal lobbying process, the Jewish lobby seeks to limit, or counter, official and press criticism of Israel, to educate officials and the public and thereby gain popular support for pro-Israeli policies, and to ac as a kind of go-between interpreting Israel's views to Washington and vice versa"(Bickerton and Klausner)
The success of the lobby is hard to determine.
In opposition to the Jewish lobby, the National Association of Arab Americans was formed. It "raised the profile of Arab Americans and the level of support for the Palestinian cause in WAshington and among the American people"(Bickerton and Klausner).
The actions of the Jewish lobby cannot be directly related to America's support in aiding Israel.

The Reagan and Other Peace Plans

President Reagan produced a peace plan in September 1982. "This was essentially a return to the Jordanian option already implicit in the Camp David accords"(Bickerton and Klausner).
This plan went against the creation of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza. As well as the Israeli annexation of these areas. It said that it should be self governed.
The Fez-Plan called for Israel to leave all the territories(including East Jerusalem), take apart Israeli settlement, and the creation of a Palestinian state controlled by the PLO.
The Reagan plan failed, however America and Israel still remained close allies.